Connecticut Air Charter Safety

All air charter operators are not created equal.  There is a wide range in the quality of aircraft, pilots, and service.  These differences may not be obvious, but Connecticut Air Charter is your aviation insider who knows.             


Connecticut Air Charter works exclusively with FAA Part 135 approved air carriers.


Our commitment to your safety demands that we hold our partners to the highest standards.  Our partner charter operators employ pilots whose flight hours far exceed FAA requirements for the aircraft they are flying.  This ensures that your captain and first officer have the experience and professionalism that you expect. 


We also monitor our air charter partners for all categories of FAA enforcement actions.  The slightest maintenance infraction would result in immediate removal of the air carrier from our approved vendor list.  Connecticut Air Charter will always maintain a zero tolerance policy on safety violations.  As pilots ourselves we truly understand that there is nothing more important than the safe operation of a flight

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