Largest Selection of Aircraft

When it comes to air charter, aircraft selection is imperative.  Choosing too much airplane for the job will result in overspending by thousands of dollars.  Choosing too little airplane for the job may result in an uncomfortable and lengthy flight. We can help choose the correct aircraft at the lowest cost for your trip.


Piston Aircraft – Flying from Bridgeport to Nantucket for a relaxing weekend, or Long Island to Atlantic City for the evening?  If it’s just you and a companion or two there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a turboprop or jet.  Piston Aircraft charter will get you there with comfort and convenience for just a few hundred dollars.  Connecticut Air Charter’s experts also know what size aircraft will get you safely into smaller airports with shorter runways such as Block Island or Montauk.


Turboprop Aircraft – Flying from New York to Washington, DC or New Jersey to Toronto for a business meeting?  A turboprop airplane charter will carry you in speed and comfort to destinations 500 – 1,000 miles over the horizon.  Turboprop aircraft vary in size to accommodate 4 – 14 passengers.  All turboprops are air conditioned and pressurized, and offer gourmet in flight catering if desired.


Jet Aircraft – A private jet charter will take you literally anywhere in the world at speeds and altitudes exceeding commercial airliners.  Jet aircraft can be selected to accommodate 4 – 20 people.  Connecticut Air Charter’s experts will ensure that you are matched to a jet that perfectly fits your travel plan because let’s face it, private jet charter pricing leaves no room for overspending. 


Helicopters – A Private helicopter charter is ideal for quick transportation in and out of congested areas such as New York City and major airport zones.  Executive helicopters are powered by twin turbine engines for added safety and speed, and will accommodate up to ten passengers.  Connecticut Air Charter’s helicopter partners have access to all NYC heliports and tri-state airports.  Let us arrange a convenient helicopter shuttle for you. 

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